The second Lindbergh kidnapping

Everyone has heard of the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping in 1932, when someone kidnapped the 20 month old son of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh from his crib and left behind a ransom note. Despite a nationwide manhunt, the baby was found dead and the kidnapper remained elusive for two more years. Finally, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested, tried and convicted of the terrible crime.

But Hauptmann never confessed, denying any involvement until the end, leading some to question his guilt. If only law enforcement could have gotten a signed confession.

Well, law enforcement did get a signed confession, but it wasn’t from Hauptmann.

The Second Lindbergh Kidnapping is the story of that confession, and of Ellis Parker, the remarkable detective who obtained it. Parker was a New Jersey detective they called the American Sherlock Holmes. He solved cases that baffled everyone else….and he just may have solved the biggest case of all: The Lindbergh kidnapping! You can read the whole amazing story of Ellis Parker’s remarkable career and his sensational investigation of the Lindbergh case in Master Detective, a 2006 Edgar Award candidate book by John Reisinger.

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